Google will alert you to an earthquake in an emergency

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The earthquakes they occur daily around the world, with hundreds of millions of people living in regions at risk of earthquakes. A early alertness can help people prepare for tremorsBut the public infrastructure to detect and alert everyone to an earthquake is expensive. Google has seen the opportunity to use Android to provide people with valuable information about earthquakes when they search about it, as well as an alert system, which will warn you and your loved ones of a seismic emergency in seconds.

Sending Earthquake Alerts to Android Devices in California

Google introduced a new feature, which has started rolling out to Android. In cooperation with USGS, California Emergency Services and ShakeAlert Technology have developed new technologies that can help us detect earthquakes before they arrive.

With the help of 700 seismographs, Google has created a network that can notify California users seconds before the earthquake. A valuable time that can save thousands of lives putting them to safety.

The first step in implementing this feature has already begun in California. If an earthquake occurs in the state, Android phones will receive direct messages. To this end, Google cooperated with local authorities to receive information from more than 700 seismographs distributed by Hong Kong. The rest of the world will not need these seismometers.

The smartphone will be the only thing necessary to create the network

Although mobile phones are not as accurate as professional measuring equipment, Google believes that as long as there are enough mobile phones, the network will have the precision necessary to provide detailed information and help us prevent accidents. How will they do it? Using sensors like accelerometers, this sensor can be implemented in almost any smartphone.

Google explained that if the accelerometer detects movement that may be caused by an earthquake, this feature allows the phone sends an alert to Google. In this case, the system will analyze data from other nearby Android phones to see if similar movements have been recorded and remove false positives. In the event that the system detects an anomaly, it will predict or not if it is an earthquake and in this case it will automatically send an alert to all devices in the area and surroundings to warn of the possible earthquake.

Optional feature on Android

This will be a Android optional featureSince, in order to be part of the system, it will be necessary to have an extra application installed and to give Android permission to send the information from the sensors.

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