Google will inform you of the Covid-19 vaccines available in your area

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Since the global pandemic began back in March, Google has been incorporating into its search engine and other applications every conceivable layer of information about Covid-19. Proof of this is, for example, its application of maps, where it is possible to follow the incidence of the pandemic practically up to date with figures of infections, transmission rates, etc. Not to mention the many resources that have been put in our hands to always have the most reliable sources of information.

So now, when we are on the verge of a massive vaccination all over the planet, the Mountain Viewers have decided to include all that information so that we can know what vaccines will be available in the areas where we live, as well as all the plans planned to carry out the process: dates, priority groups, etc. And of course, a new battle against misinformation.

In the Google application and the search engine

All this information will appear on some of the main North American platforms, either through their apps for smartphones, as in the search engine and other legs such as Google Maps. The idea is, according to the Mountain Viewers, “share information to educate the public, including addressing misperceptions and questions about vaccines, and help people receive official guidance on when, where and how to get vaccinated. ”

Google Vaccine Information Layer. Google

This initiative will be carried out in collaboration with the health authorities of each country and will begin in the United Kingdom where the first doses have already begun to be supplied to the population. That is why they acknowledge having launched “a new function in search, so when people search for information on COVID-19 vaccines, we will display a list of vaccines licensed in your location, as well as information panels on each individual vaccine. ”

This function will progressively reach other countries, so that we always have the most up-to-date data for our region. That will also include YouTube, which will be the vehicle through which all kinds of “trustworthy” videos are channeled, so they will support “creators” by connecting them with “leading health experts to create useful and engaging content for their audiences on COVID-19 and vaccines.” The idea is to banish any content that does not adhere to scientific criteria or that speculates on problems that are not real or officially documented. All these changes They have already begun to arrive and will only be visible in Spain when we also join the vaccination process against Covid-19.

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