Google’s new Nest Hub arrives in Spain: price and official launch date

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Brian Adam
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As we informed you almost three weeks ago, Google has a new Nest Hub on the market although, a second-generation model that adds some important news and that was put on sale in the US (and other select territories) practically immediate. In that instant We remind you how long it takes those from Mountain View to land in other markets although, on this occasion, this has not happened.

Google just announced the release date, and price, of its Second-generation Nest Hub, which we will have in our country next month, a much shorter term than the usual one that they usually invest for other products. Which makes us happy because, little by little, launch by launch, the Mountain View people are homogenizing that of putting the same devices on sale everywhere.

The wait will be very short

This new second-generation Nest Hub will be available to buy from the Google online store, and in large stores and regular distributors of the company’s products, from May 5, at a price of 99.99 euros, so it inherits that price range from the model that you have available right now. Precisely, and as it is on the verge of being discontinued, you can find the first generation of this assistant with an integrated screen with a small discount of 10 euros, for 89.99.

The two main improvements that we are going to find in this new Nest Hub are in the sleep suite that uses a new sensor, with radar technology, which It is able to monitor us every night and obtain data on how we rest. Thanks to this monitoring, it is possible to adopt healthy routines and check to what extent we must change our habits when we go to bed: do we sleep enough hours? Are they restorative?

The other aspect that improves is the sound. It is true that the first model fell short in terms of quality and audio power, so now they have taken the opportunity to correct it in the new model. Thanks to this second generation, we will gain 50% more bass and general volume, so if you want to watch Netflix, or listen to music, you will have enough power and quality to enjoy it. Not in vain, Google equates this performance with that of its Nest Audio, the heir to the first Google Home focused on music reproduction and all kinds of multimedia content.


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