Google’s plan to make Chrome less resource intensive in Windows 10 starts with version 87


Google is about to release version 87 of its Chrome browser (in my case I just checked and I am still on version 86). An update that together with general improvements provides a series of tools that will allow Windows 10 computers to not consume so many resources .

Traditionally, Chrome has been classified as a gluttonous browser in terms of resource consumption, especially when we make use of several tabs open at the same time. And now that the competition with the new Edge is more than interesting , Chrome version 87 arrives .

 Up to one more hour of battery life


An important update, because not in vain we are facing the most important update in the recent history of Chrome, something that is reflected in all the news that is detailed in the Chromium blog .

Google has introduced a new set of features in Chrome 87 with the aim of reducing memory and CPU consumption significantly with the aim of making the browser faster on Windows-based devices.

To achieve this, Chrome will prioritize the tabs that we have active compared to the rest of the open elements, a tool that they claim will reduce CPU use by about five times. This measure is reflected in a faster loading of the pages (7% more) and a 25% faster startup of Chrome. And all, consuming much less resources , be it RAM and energy.


There is also a tool that seeks to limit the consumption of the tabs in the background in ways that will see how a reduction in their consumption is forced to a maximum of 1% of the CPU after being inactive for more than five minutes. The webs will be able to establish calls to “wake up” to the tabs once a minute to update them.

But they are not the only improvements that we will see in Chrome. Now the usability of the tabs is improved, as Chrome has more options to organize the tabs , with a search engine in the toolbox and with the possibility of pinning, grouping or sharing with other people. The bad news is that the tab finder will arrive earlier on Chrome OS and we will have to wait to see it on other operating systems.

A lower consumption that translates into a greater autonomy, achieving the equipment more than 1 hour of extra battery.

In addition, Chrome launches a series of internal controls to make video calls with webcam. The controls now arrive natively and offer access to a control that, although basic, allows us not to have to depend on third-party applications.

Chrome Windows

On the other hand, Chrome 87 renews the native PDF file reader . Now it has a sidebar that offers access to a preview of all the pages that the document has, similar to the PDF preview in macOS. In addition, the buttons to control the zoom have been brought to the top of the tab, where there will also be options to rotate and fit the document to the page.

Chrome’s improvements also include the arrival of more options on the toolbar and, for example, you can edit passwords or delete history without having to leave the aforementioned bar.