Government proposes Christmas travel and touring permit

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Tánaiste Leo Varadkar confirmed that the Government ‘s decentralization plan will involve a number of steps

Government proposes Christmas travel and touring permit

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has stated that the Government intends to relax the restrictions for a fortnight at Christmas to allow people to travel from home to visit other people’s homes.

According to reports, the relaxation of the restrictions could last from 18 or 19 December until 3 January and three families will be allowed to house.

The Tánaiste also said that the restrictions would be re – enforced if the spread of the disease increased.

Varadkar confirmed that the Government’s deregulation plan will involve a number of steps and phases and that the first period will begin next week.

“What we do at the beginning is what we know is safer, opening the shops, opening the fitness centers, allowing people to get a haircut,” says Leo Varadkar.

A three-stage Government decommissioning plan will be announced on Friday. In the North and England three families will be allowed to visit another family out next month to give people a chance to celebrate Christmas together.

That permit will only last for five days – between December 23-27 – but Varadkar said the Government is in a fortnight because of the lower spread of the disease in the 26 counties.

The Tánaiste denied that it had already been decided that pubs and restaurants would not be allowed to open to the second phase of the decoupling plan.

He said, however, that the plan made sense to ease the restrictions step by step and that it would not be safe to release them all at the same time next week.

Gathering people to social events was the main cause of the spread of the disease, the Tánaiste said. That would release those restrictions “towards the end”, he said.

Varadkar said the restrictions were to be relaxed at Christmas to allow people to have a normal Christmas day “as much as possible”.

“We know that people intend to do it anyway, so it would be best to give them a chance to do it in a safe way,” Varadkar said.

He said that another period of intensive locking in the new year could not be ruled out, but that if that happened the Government would make every effort to avoid a long period of strict national locking.

“We saw in Germany and Italy, countries that had a much lower rate than we had, that they suddenly had a big crush within a week or two. So another Level 5 period sometime next year cannot be ruled out, ”said Tánaiste Leo Varadkar.

“If it happens we would think it would be a much shorter period, say a fortnight or three weeks instead of six weeks as we had before.”

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