Halo 3 Review: the Master Chief Collection for PC continues to grow

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Halo 3 is the new entry of the Halo The Master Chief Collection on PC: we tried it, here’s what to expect from this edition of the famous shooter.

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Halo 3 review Review: the Master Chief Collection for PC continues to grow

Considered one of the best titles to have ever come out of Bungie’s studies, Halo 3 still represents today one of the spearheads of the Xbox catalogue, and it is therefore not surprising that the prospect of his landing on PC has aroused enormous interest among the public, despite the fact that the title has now almost thirteen springs on his shoulders. Taking into account a very paltry sale price – € 9.99 in case you want to buy it individually outside the Halo: The Master Chief Collection – and the confirmation of its presence in the Game Pass service, there is it is, therefore, a single, simple question to answer: will this re-edition be able to recall the wonderful memories of the past? Pending its official launch, scheduled for July 14, we went back to taking on the role of the old Chief to find out.

Legends never die

Let’s start with a proper premise: the purpose of this review is certainly not to determine whether Halo 3 is a quality product – fortunately, we already know this, and for some time – but rather to evaluate the actual goodness of the work done by the children of 343 Industries in terms of optimization of the experience. The development team did not limit itself to making a trivial porting of the Xbox version but has spent the last few months focusing on a single objective, namely making this the best version of Halo 3 available on the market. And to the delight of all fans of the brand, we can say that the goal has been fully achieved.

On the content front, this re-release does not present any shortcoming from the original, thus confirming itself full of ideas regardless of whether you have a visceral love for the single-player or you want to totally abandon yourself to the joys and pains of the online sector.

Beyond the campaign mode, the final act of the original trilogy, whose 11 historical missions still shine today in rhythm and intensity, resulting perfectly enjoyable both in single and in co-op, Halo 3 amazes in a particular way for its boundless multiplayer, true flagship of the production since its debut in the now distant 2007.

Through his 24 maps, in fact, Halo 3 offers a surprisingly solid multiplayer experience, proving today still capable of holding the comparison – and in many cases even outclassing – some of the best exponents of the category. The presence of the renewed progression system of the Master Chief Collection undoubtedly contributes to making things even more enjoyable, but it can certainly not be denied that the methods Smithy and Cinema represent elements of primary importance in the general economy of the online experience offered by Halo 3, especially in terms of longevity. The ability to give free rein to your imagination and then share your creations with the rest of the community – or to take advantage of the work of others, of course – could indeed give a definitive coup de grace to the free time of many, making the experience potentially infinity.

Polish the armour

How easy it is to guess the rich content of the production is therefore not in question, but the good news is that the most substantial innovations concern the technical component, on which 343 Industries has made evident efforts, showing however great respect towards the original development team. Although it is undeniable that, since it is a remastered version and not a remake, the technical sector inevitably betrays its belonging to a generation now passed, it is equally true that the improvements introduced are fundamental to give Halo 3 a real second youth.

Beyond full compatibility with mouse and keyboard, and support for ultra-wide monitors, the ability to bring the game to 4K UHD resolution is a particularly attractive novelty, and the same goes for the unlocked frame rate, the real icing on the cake of this re-release, which allows you to increase the fluidity of the action within the limits allowed by your hardware.

Beyond the 60fps threshold, Halo 3 shines with a completely new light which enhances every predicament in a truly unexpected way, both during the campaign and during the multiplayer experience.

And this, we would like to emphasize it, in the face of anything but prohibitive requirements which should make this version perfectly enjoyable on most players’ hardware.

In short, if anyone had ever doubts about the care that 343 Industries would have placed in the development of this re-edition, a few minutes of play will be enough to wipe them out as if by magic, laying solid foundations to wait with full confidence and serenity for the arrival of the last pieces that will complete the Halo: The Master Chief Collection also on PC, or Halo 3 ODST and above all Halo 4 on which we are ready to bet that the Redmond software house will want to do things really big.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

PC Analyzed VersionHalo 3, therefore, proves to be a re-edition perfectly in line with the standards to which the kids of 343 Industries have become accustomed to us in recent years, which will be palatable both to the eyes of old fans and to those of any newbies wishing to recover one of the most prized in the videogame history of the last twenty years. Despite a glance that is certainly not revolutionary in terms of pure and simple textures – 13 years of seniority, after all, are not easy to hide through a simple process of remastering – in fact, one cannot fail to point out the significant achievements achieved by the team of development in terms of fluidity and optimization, through which it was possible to enrich a package that, even just for the amount of content offered, would deserve a place in the collection of any videogame player.

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