Help yourself with Google Maps to know how the streets of your city are

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Today Monday is the first working day after the snowstorm that has fallen in half of Spain, and that has left large areas of Castilla La Mancha, Madrid, Aragon and Castilla y León practically isolated. So it’s time to either stay home to telework, or venture out with the car through an uncertain scenario of frozen snow and impractical streets.

Fortunately, everything seems to indicate that practically all of the main roads of the big cities and smaller towns have been liberated of snow, so it is already possible to circulate through them safely, although, yes, does the same happen with other smaller ones that are where most of us drivers practically live?

Lean on Google Maps to get around

This being the case, and except for those municipalities in which they maintain detailed information on the state of their roads and streets, it is normal that we only have one method to know how the roads we circulate on daily are: go out to see them with our own eyes, with the risk that this entails. Although if you want a little help, we are going to use Google Maps for these tasks.

Use Google Maps to find out how the streets are.

As you surely know, the Mountain View app has a traffic information layer that we can activate and that will give us a fairly approximate indication of how things are. A signaling by colors that goes from green to red (passing through orange) and that tells us what the speed of the road is at that moment: red for those that are practically blocked, orange for those that have a slow movement and green for those that circulate normally.

So with that in mind let’s go to the app and we touch the button where the different layers of information are organized. Unless you use it practically every day, the normal thing is that the traffic one has it deactivated, so we click on it to color the streets and see how we have it around. If you see them in red, forget to go there since it is very safe that cars have to move between ice and snow with great difficulty. The oranges will be open and drivers will use caution while those in which there is no information, it is practically certain that it is not possible to circulate through them. So don’t even touch them.

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