Homepod Mini: Apple renews its smart speaker to compete against Google and Amazon

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The Homepod is one of those devices that, strangely, Apple has resisted. Any other that develops ends up making it a market reference, but with virtual assistants and smart speakers, those from Cupertino have not hit the mark. Surely its erratic launch policy with a staggered arrival to certain countries did not help, but neither that Siri is not perceived to be the same level of efficiency as Google assistants and Amazon’s own Alexa.

Homepod Mini in black and white colors.

Be that as it may, the Cinderella of the keynote for the presentation of the new iPhone 12 was this trimmed version of the North American smart speaker, which is quite close to that mini concept that both Google and Amazon already have in their catalogs and that, increasingly, they are part of the ecosystem of devices that we have at home for whatever arises: asking for information, listening to the radio, music or whatever.

He does not give up his musical soul

But despite this attempt to attract the most common audience of these virtual assistants, Apple does not give up the musical soul of the Homepods, which were originally designed to have the best possible quality in the reproduction of all types of content. In this mission to reconquer our homes, Apple maintains its commitment to audio with 360º effect by equipping this new mini model with two drivers and a subwoofer that shakes the ground on which it rests.

Volume control of the Homepod Mini.

Inside the Homepod Mini Apple has installed its own chip, the S5, which is responsible for processing what they have called “computational audio”, a technology that is capable of analyzing the sound wave to always offer the best version of what we hear. Obviously, it will have all the Siri functions, although from Cupertino they warn us that they have placed special emphasis on the privacy of users. Does that mean that our conversations will not be saved for analysis?

Instant connectivity with Apple devices.

And of course it will work perfectly with all our Apple devices since thanks to that S5 chip, This Homepod Mini will be able to connect automatically to our iPhone, iPad, etc. with the same ease that Airpods and Airpods Pro already do since the arrival of iOS 14: simply by bringing the phone or tablet closer. It will be available to reserve in white and space gray colors from November 6, to reach stores on November 16 at a price of 99 euros.