Honor Watch GS Pro review: an indestructible smartwatch

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Honor has created an attractive, long-lasting smartwatch featuring a rugged, drop-proof design.

Honor Watch GS Pro review: an indestructible smartwatch

Honor has launched headlong into the world of smartwatches, one of the fastest growing sectors among the technology markets. After the review of the Magic Watch 2 let’s move on today to tell the new Watch GS Pro, a smartphone with a very different setting and look.
If the Magic Watch 2 was aimed at a male and female audience, thanks to the two variants of different sizes and a unisex design, with the GS Pro we are facing a product aimed mainly at the male audience, thanks to decidedly rugged and sporty lines, as well as generous in size. The end result is a rock solid smartwatch, with a long battery life and usable on all smartphones.

Aggressive design

The neutral lines of the Magic Watch 2 are just a distant memory, the GS Pro was created to be used even in difficult conditions. Case and strap immediately convey a clear sensation of solidity, with a decidedly muscular line that is very similar to classic sports chronographs. Resistance is one of the strong points of the product, which can count on 14 MIL-STD-810G military certifications. It can withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees or up to -40, as well as water (up to 5 ATM) and sand. There is even one certification of resistance to fluid contaminants. In short, the resistance of this smartwatch transpires from the first time you wear it. The dimensions are important, as is the weight, of 45.5 grams. During the test we did not treat it well, not being used to such a large smartwatch there was no lack of blows, but the body always held up without ever even scratching.

The case is made of polycarbonate but with a particular texture, which is also echoed by the rubber strap. A very eye-catching metal ring surrounds the display, to emphasize even more the sporty soul of the smartwatch, while on the right there are two physical buttons, which together with the touch are used to manage the watch.
On the back, in contact with the skin, you can see the heart rate sensor and the connector for charging, which takes place via a charger supplied in the package (About 2 hours for a full charge). On the body there is also a small speaker for calls, practically invisible.

Really complete technical features

Watch GS Pro is a modern smartwatch with everything you could want from such a device. The screen is 1.39 inch AMOLED type, with a resolution of 454×454 and a definition of 326 PPI, equipped with a touch screen and customizable dials. At the base we find the Kirin A1 processor, the same seen in the latest smartwatches from Huawei and Honor, along with 4 GB of internal memory for storing music files. The 700 mAh battery promises up to 25 days of autonomy, but it all depends on the settings used, for example whether or not the Always On Display is used, or the frequency with which you train, a time when all the sensors work to the best of their ability.

In our case we managed to do thirteen days without having to recharge, an autonomy that nevertheless remains top of the class, especially if you are used to Apple Watch, as in our case. Watch GS Pro is therefore the perfect smartwatch for those who do not want to charge their watch every day, under this front it is really difficult to find better.

Continuing with the specifications we find Bluetooth 5.1 and full compatibility with the GPS and GLONASS standards. The inclusion of the Route Back mode, which can come in handy when venturing into uncharted areas. In fact, the smartwatch keeps track of the path taken and is able to show it directly on the screen to facilitate retracing one’s steps.
Other sensors available include heart rate and SpO2 monitoring sensors. We tested the GS Pro’s heart rate detection against that of the Apple Watch 5 during a training session, the difference between the two was minimal, of about 2-3 beats, confirming the excellent quality achieved by Honor in this area.

Complete software

The software experience designed by Honor is very all-encompassing, all the functions that can be found today in a smartwatch are in fact available. On the one hand we find LiteOS, installed on the smartwatch, on the other hand, the Huawei Health application manages the synchronization with the smartphone, available for both iOS and Android. Let’s start from the latter, which compared to our test of the Magic Watch 2 has solved all the problems we encountered. In the past, it was complicated to pair with phones from brands other than Huawei and Honor, but now everything is back to normal. The test was done with a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, once the two devices were downloaded from Huawei Health they started talking immediately.
From the application, you can see the daily distance traveled, such as calorie consumption, workouts, a detailed heart rate graph and much more.

In fact, we find monitoring of sleep, stress level and SpO2, as well as advice on the exercises to do to keep fit. The application is really complete and manages to provide an insight into your health and training.

Turning instead to LiteOS, the first thing that must be clear is that this operating system comes with a series of predefined applications that it is not possible to expand, except through Honor’s software updates. There is no application store but those present already cover all the main functions that are expected from a smartwatch.
From the main menu it is possible to access the training screen, in which there are 15 disciplines treated to perfection plus another 85 additional activities, which cover a huge number of different sports. Also from the main menu you can access the monitoring of cardiac activity, the SpO2 reader, the analysis of sleep and stress, the contacts for making calls and the weather, then there is no shortage of barometer and compass.
The offer is very complete and meets the needs of most people. An aspect that still needs to be improved is the smoothness of this operating system, which in the transitions between the different screens shows slowdowns and lag.

Honor Watch GS Pro
Honor Watch GS Pro is a solid smartwatch, with a design aimed at the male audience and packed with features. In addition to this, its greatest advantage remains the autonomy, very high and which allows you to forget to recharge the smartwatch. If we add to this a price of 249 €, discounted to 199 € until the end of September, not cheap but still competitive and commensurate with the quality of the watch, then we get an excellent smartwatch for sportsmen, albeit not perfect. The size and look chosen are not for everyone, moreover the smoothness of the operating system is not always optimal, without forgetting the absence of an app store, all limits to be taken into account when purchasing.