How can technology reduce shopping anxiety caused by COVID-19?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us economically, physically and psychologically. The latter is worrisome, because contracting the coronavirus generates anxiety in people who make purchases in crowded places. In this case,how technology could you help them?

Clearly, companies must find a way to help consumers feel safe within their facilities. Not only for security, but also to increase their income and recover the economic level that the pandemic has taken away from them. Especially in stores and small businesses.

Crowd Check Technologies

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One study shows that people feel more confident making an offline purchase when companies offer protection technologies. In this case, crowd checking systems represent an excellent option.

That’s because they help consumers “plan their visit in advance by providing real-time estimates of crowding levels in stores.” This technology offers three categories:

  • Quiet: a sign that it is a good time to visit it.
  • Quite busy: queues could be generated.
  • Very busy: there are many queues. The best option is to wait time to make the visit.

Crowd check technologies are already in place in some UK shopping malls. In fact, part of those users (150 buyers) were part of the study. They indicated that these systems are necessary to decrease shopping anxiety caused by COVID-19.

“70% of shoppers would use this technology to decide whether to visit a certain store. Among the people in our study, it reduced their shopping anxiety by 80% ”, comments Tech Xplore.

Feeling of relief

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Research also indicates that people with a lower burden of anxiety experience a sense of relief with the implementation of these technologies. They may have even created an emotional bond with certain stores. All this thanks to the protection they offer them, who would not feel confident in a space where they are not threatened by the coronavirus?

As Tech Xplore comments, it is also a way to help “retailers efficiently manage the flow of shoppers within stores while providing a more secure and enjoyable shopping experience.”

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