How to activate the dark mode on the Instagram web

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In a native way, Instagram already incorporates the night mode both on iOS and Android and now it can also be activated when accessed through any web browser from a computer by means of a very easy trick: it is only necessary a small and simple addition to the address that is typed in the browser.

The night mode that incorporates Instagram allows you to combat visual fatigue and save battery

The excess white light from the screen of mobile devices when used in the dark for a long time can be uncomfortable and cause eye fatigue, which is why in recent times the night mode has become so popular that the vast majority of users have gradually adopted it. Applications. Many, like Instagram, have introduced it natively in the app, but there is not always an option to be able to activate it also in the desktop version, when browsing from a computer in a dark environment.

The closest approach took place in 2018 when an extension for Chrome and compatible browsers appeared under the name “Night Mode for Instagram”, but obviously it does not work in other browsers. However now an easier way to get the dark mode on Instagram from any browser, and for this it is enough with a small addition in the URL. As simple as adding «? theme = dark»At the end of the address on the steering bar. That is, the following address must be entered in any browser to access Instagram in night mode:


From there you can navigate through the different sections of the social network keeping the night mode, although the URL no longer appears that addition since the configuration is stored for that navigation. If the Instagram website is abandoned, it is lost and in that case it would be necessary to add that indication of «? theme = dark«.

The mobile application developer Alessandro Paluzzi has been the one who has discovered this simple trick and has shared it through his account on Twitter.

If you also want to activate the dark mode in your Instagram application for iOS or Android and you do not know how, here we explain in this video how to do it in a simple way:


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