How to activate the new function in Prime Video to view group content

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With the arrival of the pandemic last March, and subsequent containment measures, many streaming video platforms were forced to accelerate their plans when it came to allow its users to enjoy their series and movies in a community way, even though all of us friends are many blocks apart within the same city.

These party features, which Netflix included a long, long time ago, they have been popularized natively and leaving aside those third-party solutions that had proliferated, above all, in the part of Google’s browser: Chrome. Now, after a movement similar to Disney + a few weeks ago, it is the turn of another of the great competitors in this market: Prime Video.

Limited expansion, for now

Unlike other platforms where the arrival of this group mode has been faster and more effective, in the case of Prime Video, not all content can be enjoyed in a community way, among several friends. So it is very possible that after searching in various contents, you will find one that is compatible with this new function that, for now, you have it yes or yes in the web version and soon in our Fire TV Stick.

Group video on Amazon Prime Video.

As Amazon itself tells us on its support page for the new service, to access this group function you have to:

  • Navigate to a title compatible with the desktop browser via “Titles with ‘Prime Logo’ or ‘Watch Now with Amazon Prime’ option in video details, included with Prime subscription”
  • Select the option ‘Group Video’ on the detail page
  • Enter username in ‘What’s your name?’
  • Click on ‘Create Group Video’ to link to the group video
  • Invite all your friends using the ‘Share’ icon or select ‘Copy link’ to share via available third party applications

It is to imagine that As this function is extended, the contents that are compatible with this group viewing will grow. At the end of the day we are talking about platforms whose series and movies come from many different companies, some outside of Amazon itself, so it is necessary to obtain the necessary permissions to activate it. Thanks to this function, it is now possible to be separated because of the curfew but to keep in touch on those series marathon days that you hit each other before the pandemic at someone’s house, right?

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