How to activate the Street View layer within the Google Maps ‘app’

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Google Maps and Street View have always been two sides of the same coin. The one about the Mountain View bet for a platform where we can check where each street is, how to find businesses, companies, monuments, places of interest, establishments, etc. in a fast way and, more specifically, attend the show to see how the streets evolve year after year, as the famous Google cars circulate around the planet updating the information.

That is why Google Maps has always contained the Street View data, through that extra information that we receive when touching a point on the map. You just have to mark the address we want to go to so that relevant data appears, in addition to an alternative 360º view at street level. Well, that has changed since the Mountain Viewers have introduced in the last days a new view within those layers that we can apply on the map that we have on the screen.

Activate the view and look at the streets

If you remember, at the end of last September the Covid-19 information layer arrived on Google Maps, which allows us to know updated progress data of the pandemic around the world. Now, just fifteen days later, the North Americans have decided to remove that Sreet View layer also to the same menu, from which we can now choose between normal and satellite views, public transport, electric bike lanes and stations, road traffic and even 3D buildings.

How to activate the Street View layer within Google Maps.

So to activate this new layer, you go to the iPhone application and touch the layers button that you will see on the right side of the screen. There, all the available alternatives will appear together, plus the new one for Street View, which will be located at the bottom right. You touch on that shortcut, you exit the menu and you will be able to see all the streets that you have around your location with this type of perspective at the distance of a single click.

The greenish-blue tracks that you will see mark all those that you can visit as if you were riding in a car, and with the possibility of moving forward, backward or left and right easily. In addition, and In the map view, it will not be necessary to choose Street View previously, but a simple touch will take us to the 360º view, so steps are saved compared to the previous mode that.