How to add custom shortcuts in Android 11 shutdown menu using Tasker

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How to add custom shortcuts in Android 11 shutdown menu using Tasker

A little over a year ago we explained what Tasker is, a very powerful application capable of automate virtually any type of task. One of the strongest points of Tasker is, precisely, that the actions are carried out automatically at the times we have programmed.

Today we are going to teach you how to add custom shortcuts with these automations in the new Android 11 shutdown menu. In this way we can activate and deactivate automations quickly, without having to enter the application directly.

Creating shortcuts with Tasker

Tasker App1

One of the great novelties of Android 11 is that the shutdown menu has been completely redesigned. Now it is a control center that allows us to both manage payment methods and add shortcuts to compatible applications (very few, at the moment).

By adding a shortcut to Tasker we can activate and deactivate one-touch automations, without entering the app

With Tasker we can add shortcuts to our automated tasks. Although Tasker allows you to create exit tasks (to deactivate the tasks we have created), not every day is the same, so sometimes it is necessary disable or enable tasks manually. By adding a shortcut we can do it in a couple of clicks, instead of opening the Tasker app.

If we want to create a shortcut to an automated task that we have already created in Tasker we just have to follow these steps.

  • Press and hold the power button to access the Android 11 menu

  • Click on the three dots menu to “add controls”

  • If Tasker does not appear directly, look for it in “see other applications”

  • Add Tasker

  • Add automation, the ones you have created will appear

  • Hit “save”

Ready. With this we will achieve have quick on / off access our Tasker automation, to be able to perform these functions without having to open the app.