How to ask Netflix for all the personal data you have about us

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One of the big concerns that many users have these days is knowing to what extent the data we generate on a daily basis from our activity with mobile phones and other connected devices, is stored on company servers and for what purpose: To improve the service? To, as in the case of Netflix, refine the recommendations that we make?

Be that as it may, it is important to know to what extent those companies that provide services to us, in addition to the money we are paying for subscriptions, They are not tempted to go further with that other resource as precious as our activity data.. So let’s ask Reed Hastings to show us what they are saving from each of us.

Ask Netflix for a copy of your data

It is an option that does not have too much time and that It has recently been added to the many that we have available through our account on Netflix. To say, first of all, that this process that we are going to teach you cannot be done from the iOS or Android apps since you must go to the browser to do it.

Download personal data from Netflix.

Although if you can give us some advice, do it from the computer because it will be where it is much easier to download all the compressed data once Netflix returns “Ok” to that request. So we go to the management of the streaming platform account and you will see a series of options. Below, in the “Settings” section, the last one will appear, which is “Download your personal data”.

Request the download of our data to Netflix.

Click there and You will go to another window where they warn you of everything you can achieve by requesting that information from the platform. Basically, it is a history of everything you have done on Netflix since the first day you signed up. Imagine the string of series, films and documentaries that will appear, which could help you know exactly where you stopped seeing some of those fictions that are still resisting you.

Specifically, these are the data you are going to receive:

  • Account information: your personal data as well as the plan you have active right now
  • Communication settings: the preferences you have defined for Netflix to communicate with you
  • Marketing communications: methods you accept to receive information from third-party services, etc.
  • Payment and billing information: data on which system you are charged the subscription price every month
  • Profiles: names and data related to each of the five that you can have active at all times
  • Content interaction history: This is “a history of your viewing activity and information related to your interactions with Netflix content”, that is, the series and movies you have rated, etc.
  • IP address information: According to the platform, this is all the “information associated with the last time a specific device was used to stream from your Netflix subscriber account.”