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How to backup your smartphone while charging

How to backup your smartphone while charging
How To Backup Your Smartphone While Charging

Backups on a smartphone (or a tablet and a computer) are essential because they allow us, not only to easily recover any file or document that we may have lost but also to It facilitates the transition from one phone to another when we change it for a new one. Now, what systems are you using right now?

With Apple migrating to the cloud for years and Google doing the same with its Drive, all the solutions, in the end, go through having monthly storage plans that cost us between 3 euros for a few gigs, up to 10 (or more) for a maximum 2TB, both in iCloud and in the part of Mountain View. With that on the table, Is there an alternative that does not require monthly subscriptions?

The option to return to the physical

AnyBackup is an ingenious gadget that will allow you to make backups directly to your phone mobile, tablet or PC or Mac computer. You just have to click it thanks to its USB-C connector so that it begins to dump all the data that we have inside the device to one of the compatible supports. Which are basically two: either a microSD card of up to 2TB capacity, or a USB drive, either a USB stick or an external hard drive.

HiQ Any Backup.

You have this gadget right now in the crowdfunding phase and with a 50% discount promotion, which leaves its price in 25 euros in exchange (41 Australian dollars) for a delivery date set in October this year. Without a doubt, a more than a useful option that not only in backups has great appeal, but also when recharging our terminal.

It also offers fast charging

This AnyBackup not only makes it easy for us to make backups while charging the phone but also allows us to add a fast charge to any power bank you have at home. You just have to plug this accessory into the battery and take out a USB cable to an iPhone, or an Android smartphone, to make it work as an adapter that accelerates the input of power into the phone.

It’s more, AnuBackup itself is compatible with iPhone and iPad thanks to its Apple MFi chip so we will not have problems when squeezing it to the maximum as in the case of other devices. And with the advantage that everything we save is kept offline, so there are no leaks of any kind to any page or online service.