How to change in Google Chrome the passwords that have ‘hacked’ us

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Security is one of our main concerns when we do anything with our mobile or computer because a leak of a user and a password could cause them to assault our account on a streaming platform, in a social network or, worse still, in one of the banks with which we usually work.

So any help is always welcome and that’s why one of the best tools that Chrome has in this regard is what it calls “security checking”, that allows us to see how many of the passwords that we manage have been violated, that is, that they could already be in the hands of hackers willing to be used to enter our profiles.

Let’s see what they are

The first thing we have to do with Google Chrome is to check how far the problem of our passwords goes. To know it, just we have to go to the “Settings” of the browser and within the “Google and you” tab, look for a section called “Security Check”. You will see a huge blue button (in dark mode) that you must press.

Chrome security check.

Next, we are going to go to a short summary of how things are going when it comes to security issues. That is to say if we have the browser in order as regards updates, extensions, passwords and safe browsing. As you can see, things are not quite right because only in the part of password management, we have 53 committed. So we are going to access there by clicking on the “View” button.

Compromised passwords.

Finally, we come to the page where all the compromised accounts are. In the left column, you have the URL of the service, just below the user’s email and a brief description of the problem that, we are going to advance, has to do with the fact that Chrome is aware that there has been a security problem around that account, not only because of the email address, which will already be in the hands of hackers long but from the password itself.

Change the compromised password on the internet.

So it’s time to update it. Simply by pressing the blue button, the “Change password”, you will directly access to write the new one to make it safer. It goes without saying that there are sites where Chrome will not be able to manage this change, so she will recommend that we go to the official website and do it from there. Only when we have changed all those compromised passwords, you will see in Chrome that everything is in order.

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