How to change the language of Google Maps without modifying that of your mobile

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Brian Adam
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The normal thing is that when we configure the mobile phone as soon as we take it out of the box we make one of those momentous decisions that we hardly notice it, and that is choose the language with which we are going to use it. Something that does not usually cause us doubts and that has a greater importance than usual because from there, any app that we install in the storage of our smartphone will use the same one that we have chosen.

In this way, if for any reason we want to have a specific application in English, it will be practically impossible for us to modify it unless we do it on the entire smartphone. Though Google Maps has worked the miracle because it has added a function that we already saw a few weeks ago in India and that, then, we already predicted that it would end up reaching us in other latitudes: the possibility of choosing a language other than the one we have by default on our mobile.

How to change the language of the app

The way to do it is very simple and you have it available, for now, only on Android. Do not rule out that it will appear by surprise on iOS in the coming weeks so stay tuned. The fact is that we go to Google Maps and click on the image of our avatar at the top right of the screen. A menu will appear and click on “Settings”.

Change the language of Google Maps.

That takes us to a new screen with all the options we have to personalize (as far as possible) the user experience and we are left with the first of all possibilities: “Application language”. Once inside, a first language will appear, which is the one we have chosen by default and that corresponds to the official smartphone, and just below the most popular alternatives, in our case, English.

As you can see, from there all the other languages ​​that you can imagine appear and, although most of us who live in Spain do not usually have parents or partners from other countries, in those cases where this is the usual thing, or they belong to autonomous communities with their own languages, It will be an enormous help to break down borders and continue to carry out searches, routes and journeys far from Spanish.

Obviously, at any time you can revoke this decision to change the language of the application of Mountain View and, best of all, without affecting the general choice of the phone, which will remain as it was after taking it out of the box. Let’s see if other developers learn and these types of functions proliferate. No?

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