How to connect your new Chromecast to a wired network (no wifi)

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The new Chromecast is among us and you can already buy it in our country. A device that has substantially improved the user experience and that has decided to follow in the footsteps of other competitors such as the Fire TV Stick from Amazon, or the Mi Stick TV from Xiaomi: a remote control, Google TV installation and apps that we can install so as not to need an external device from which to broadcast all the content.

However, to all these advantages we must add a defect that for many users is decisive, especially in those cases in which they want to obtain the best possible image quality: it does not have a very useful Ethernet port. Remember that the old Ultra model did have one, a connector for RJ-45 cables that was located in the base of the charger itself of the Chromecast, and that it allowed us to reach 4K resolutions to, for example, play with Stadia titles if we have a Pro subscription.

Install an ethernet port now

The point is that, although Google has forgotten (or hasn’t it?) To install one of these wired network ports, we have the opportunity to solve it thanks to what is the great contribution of this new Chromecast: its USB-C connector. Thanks to it, it is possible to expand its connection possibilities, and expansion, to always obtain the best performance and image quality, with a stability that will barely offer cuts and, best of all, error messages in which it tells us that because of the wifi, some content is no longer available at that time.

Ethernet connector with USB-C charging port.

To install an ethernet port for wired networks simply You must buy an adapter that has a USB-C connection cable and, in addition, another extra port to plug in the power adapter that powers the HDMI dongle from the charger itself. That is why in the case of the models that only have that connector for RJ-45 cables, and that are cheaper, they will not work because you will not have a way to connect the Chromecast to the current.

Ethernet port for USB-C without charging connector.

There are many models available, with prices that are mostly around 20 euros and that have, like the one you have in the photograph above, expansion possibilities through other USB connectors. Thus, It will be possible to see content that you have stored on pendrives and play them through the new Chromecast Thanks to its Google TV installation, it is able to manage these additional units.

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