How to control the camera remotely from a Samsung Galaxy Watch

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How to control the camera remotely from a Samsung Galaxy WatchWith Samsung smart watches you can have the mobile camera viewfinder on your wrist, too take photos and video by pressing on the smartwatch. Have a Galaxy Watch and want the feature? We will tell you how you can get it with the help of a couple of applications.

With the increasingly large screens that Samsung smart watches have, these become a very comfortable tool for taking photos from a distance: just place the fixed mobile, move away a few meters and click on the clock to take the photo. It’s very comfortable and works great when taking group self-portraits: here are two ways to make your Samsung Galaxy Watch a viewfinder camera shutter.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy mobile

Galaxy Watch Distance CameraScreenshots of the Samsung Camera Controller interface

Samsung smartwatches are compatible with most phones, whether Android or iPhone, but there is no doubt that the brand includes more facilities if the ecosystem closes to it. And this is especially noticeable in the case at hand, using a Galaxy Watch as a remote trigger for the camera: Samsung itself has an app for its watches. Of course, it is only valid for your mobiles.

In the event that you have a Samsung mobile, all you have to do is carry out the following process to bring the camera shutter to your wrist:

  • Open the Samsung app store (Galaxy Store) and search for ‘Camera controller’ (found at this link). It is a Samsung app.
  • Install it on the watch and start it from its icon.
  • You will have the camera viewfinder on the Samsung Galaxy Watch screen: click on the capture icon and you will take the photo. And if you press anywhere in the image the camera will focus on that point.
  • In addition to images you can also capture video, but you will have to select the recording in the mobile camera app.
  • You can switch between the front and rear cameras by sliding your finger up and down on the watch face.

The Samsung application works very well and it is not necessary to install other camera software as it works with the standard app on the Galaxy. It is somewhat basic, although perfect for taking photos from a distance.

If you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy mobile

Galaxy Watch Distance Camera

In this case, you will not have access to the Samsung application for the Galaxy Watch, but there is a good alternative that works just as well and also has a lot of extra functions: Camera One. It is free and with ‘premium’ functions under a subscription of 1.99 euros per year (you do not need to pay to use distance shooting).

The process to use Camera One is as follows:

  • Download the mobile application from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the Tizen app on your watch. You can search for ‘camera one’ from the store’s search engine (Galaxy Store) or install it from this link (if you open it on your mobile, the download page should appear).
  • Open the mobile application and accept the permissions so that you can use the camera.
  • Make sure you don’t have the camera app open in the background on your mobile.
  • Launch ‘Camera One’ on the Samsung Galaxy Watch: the clock screen should become the viewfinder of the camera.
  • You can take photos remotely with the rear camera, with the front camera (slide your finger up and down to change), set a timer, focus, record video and even zoom: all the content will be saved in the mobile gallery.
  • The app will let you test all its functions for an hour. Then you can only take photos remotely and record video with the rear camera.

Camera One works perfectly, offers added functions to the Samsung app and, as paste, does not use the phone’s serial camera, so the image quality may not be up to par. From our tests the results have been satisfactory: it is perfect for taking photos from a distance, also for using the camera anonymously.

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