How to control WhatsApp contact suggestions that appear when sharing on iPhone?

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WhatsApp can suggest contacts and groups when you click on Share content in an application on your iPhone. But is there a way to control WhatsApp group and contact submissions that appear in the iOS Share window? In this article we tell you what you can do and how to solve some problems.

How to add a WhatsApp contact to the iOS Share window?

You can add a new contact in the content sharing window simply by sending a message to that specific contact. WhatsApp automatically adds suggestions for contacts and groups to the Share window every time you send a new message on WhatsApp. Keep in mind the Lock Screen option in Settings> Your account> Privacy must be disabled.

How to remove a WhatsApp contact from the iOS Share window?

If you don’t like seeing a specific contact in the Share window, you can remove it by blocking and unblocking that contact. WhatsApp automatically removes a suggested contact from the Share window every time you block the user. Now, keep in mind that the contact will be added again every time you chat with him. In the case of groups, there is no quick way to remove it from the list other than to exit the group.

How to remove all contacts at once?

You can delete all contacts simply by activating and deactivating Screen Lock in Settings> Your account> Privacy. For privacy reasons, WhatsApp automatically removes all suggested contacts and groups from the Share window each time this option is activated.

Why can’t I click on WhatsApp contacts in the share window?

Sometimes the iOS Share window has problems and WhatsApp contacts do not appear or do nothing when you press them This may have happened after updating the version of WhatsApp from the App Store. You have to open WhatsApp and it should work again. If the problem is still not fixed, block and unblock the problem contact to remove it from the Share window.

Why is there no WhatsApp contact in the Share window?

When the Lock Screen functionality is activated, WhatsApp does not add suggestions in the sharing window, for privacy reasons. You have to disable Screen Lock if you want them to appear.

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