How to control your old Chromecast through Google Chrome

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Brian Adam
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Although Google launched at the end of last year a new Chromecast with remote control, internal storage and installation of its OS based on Android, there are still millions of users that we still have at home with the old models, so while we think about what to do for the future, we continue to make the most of its possibilities.

And there are options that in the old world are not very well worked since, when broadcasting from a mobile device, there comes a time when we completely lose control of playback over what we are seeing and it becomes under the domain of the Chromecast itself. . Surely it has happened to you that after a while of broadcasting to the HDMI key, for some reason, we lose contact and we no longer be able to handle what happens on the screen: no play, no pause, nothing.

Let’s regain control with Chrome

As always, we have an alternative, although it is not the most comfortable since it will force us to have to resort to a computer, specifically one that has Chrome installed, which is where we will have a notice that there is content playing on one of our Chromecasts. To find out, you just have to go to the browser and check in the upper right, where an icon like the one you can see in the screenshot that you have just below will appear.

How to activate subtitles from Chrome.

That kind of musical note on a staff means that there is something playing on a device so click on it and a tab will be displayed with the summary of what we are seeing. As you can see, there we do have the basic playback controls, in case we want to pause or rewind backwards or forwards without problems. In addition, now Google has added a new function, which you can see highlighted at the bottom and that is the “automatic subtitles” that we can activate by clicking on the switch that you will see off first. Once done, you will see a download counter that, when it reaches 100%, will begin to print those texts on the screen in the original language of the content (at the moment only English).

This last function is especially useful for those who want to improve their level of English and, in addition to listening to it in that language, want to stay with the way it is written and, above all, that pronunciation that sometimes eludes us. Obviously, if for any reason we want to remove those texts from the screen, we just have to deactivate the function and see it again as usual. As you can see, Chrome on a computer is always good for us to have it close by … just in case.


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