How to copy and paste the text of an image through Google Photos

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It is not a new technology or one that is going to revolutionize the world because, precisely, it has had enough time behind it through the famous OCR scanners and things like that. In addition, Google Lens, the Mountain View app that is capable of seeing inside images, has been perfecting its algorithms for some time to recognize anything. However, what we can give as relatively recent is to carry out this process through the application of photos.

As we have told you on other occasions, all the technology developed around Google Lens allows a smartphone to capture the text that appears on your camera to later convert it to digital format. A name, a phone number, a postal address, any information is relevant if we want to move it from the real and physical world to the virtual one. Only now we can obtain it from an application that, on paper, should not be for those issues.

Find an image and copy its text

The point is that if you have found an image in your cloud library that contains a text and you want to extract it to share it with someone through social networks, or a messaging application, you can do it quickly and easily. Thanks to the integration of Lens with Google Photos in such a way that you only have to ask it to search for content convertible to an alphanumeric string and not image data.

Copy and paste text from Google Photos images.

To do it we go to Google Photos and look for that photo in which the text that we want to digitize appears. If the application detects that in that image there is something to extract and that it can scan, a warning will appear at the bottom that says “Copy text from the image”. At that moment, it still does not know everything it says, so we click there to start the whole identification process.

You will see that A series of dots appear moving across the screen for a few seconds. It’s Google Lens identifying each letter of all that is written. When you’re done, you’ll let us select what you’ve found to highlight it the same way we would any text we have on mobile. When we have already selected it, tap on the button that you will see below “Copy text”. Now, with the clipboard loaded with that information, we go to that other app where we are going to paste it: social networks, WhatsApp, Word, Power Point, etc.

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