How to create a broadcast list on WhatsApp [Vídeo]

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WhatsApp allows you to create chat groups of up to 256 users, in which all members can participate unless their functionalities are restricted, but if we want to send a message to all our contacts, or a selection of them, in a unidirectional way, without that they can talk to each other, then we’ll have to create a broadcast list.

The distribution lists in WhatsApp -also called distribution lists- allow us to send a message in bulk, bypassing the restrictions of WhatsApp -which allows the forwarding of messages up to a maximum of five people- in a very simple way, as you we have in this video:

In order for the users that we have included in the distribution list to receive our message, they have to have our phone number saved in the agenda from your mobile. If they haven’t saved us, they won’t get the message from the distribution list.

If it reaches them -because if they have us saved in their mobile phonebook- they will not know that the message has been sent in bulk, but that a text (or photograph or video) will arrive in the same way as if we sent them a message individual.

They could realize that it is a mass message if the text that we include allows it to be seen. But be that as it may, they will be able to respond to that message in the usual way.

The use of distribution lists is very common on occasions such as the making a mass invitation to an event, or to send a Christmas greeting message to all contacts, or to communicate some relevant news.

As we say, it should not be confused with group chats. There are people to whom it happens and, after sending the message to the whole group, the members begin to talk to each other and make each other’s phone number known to others, with the uncomfortable situations that this can produce.


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