How to create animated stickers for WhatsApp?

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Whastapp Sticker Animated

A month ago we told you that the beta of WhatsApp for iOS had begun to offer the expected animated stickers, some icons in the form of stickers that had been available in the messaging app for a long time, but now they release animation to make them much more attractive.

And now yes, while until now this option was only available to the privileged, now we can download and send them with the beta version of the messaging app on Android and iOS. As you know, there are more beta users of WhatsApp on Android, so system users can use these animated stickers immediately. The platform has made every effort to update and provide new functionalities that adapt to the user’s needs.

WhatsApp has stepped on the accelerator with its updates

Previously, WhatsApp was limited to exchanging text and images, now it is possible to share GIFs, videos, emojis and many other interactive resources. However, one of the most anticipated features is the ability to send animated stickers through the application.

WhatsApp released sticker packs, but now is the time to make your own personal creations to impress and laugh with your friends.

How to make animated stickers on WhatsApp

If you want your conversations to be more fun and personalized, then it’s time for you to learn to make your own animated stickers on WhatsApp

Giphy: Gif Maker
Giphy: Gif Maker Giphy
  • The first step to follow is to log into Giphy, the popular platform that allows users to download and create GIFs.
  • Look for the “Stickers” tab at the top of the website.
  • While you’re there, you’ll see moving images appear without a background. Download the one you want for your conversations.
  • The sticker you have chosen will be downloaded in GIF format, but that will not be functional to send it as sticker on WhatsApp, so you will have to go to change the extension to WEBP and you can do that from this link. However, you will need to change the resolution to 512 x 512 pixels before uploading your file.
  • Finally, you must enter WhatsApp, then to Files, copy the file in WEBP format, paste it in the Stickers folder of the app and that’s it. To get to this file, you must go to WhatsApp, then to Media and Whatsapp Sticker.
  • Once you have it, you can share it with your friends quickly and easily.

With these simple steps, you will be able to surprise your acquaintances with these curious animated stickers.

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