How to create icons for apps using photos from your gallery

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How to create icons for apps using photos from your gallery

Icon packs to change those of our launcher (in case it supports them) there are quite a few. However, we can go one step further, creating our own icons through photographs

For this we can use the X Icon Changer application, a curious app that allows us to add the icon we want in the launcher, either using other icon packs that we have installed or, the most interesting thing: adding them through photographs.

Creating icons with your photos

When we open the application we will find our list of applications. These are the applications that we have installed on our mobile, with their corresponding icon. If we click on them, a menu will appear that allows us access the different icon packs that we have installed Or, the best of the app, create them from images from the gallery or photos taken with the camera.

In our example we are going to change the WhatsApp icon, but we can change all the icons of the apps that we have installed

For this example, let’s put a photo of a cat on WhatsApp, more specifically, the adorable Noah of our partner Amparo Babiloni.

Change Icons1
  • We open the application and select (in our case) WhatsApp
  • We go to the “Photo” section
  • We give you to add from the gallery (we may have to see an ad on the way)
  • Once we select the photo, we frame it in a circle (or the way we want)
  • With the icon created, we give “Ok”
  • We add the icon to the screen
Screenshot 20201009 142 638

Ready. As you can see, the application create a shortcut with a custom icon. Luckily, in Android the shortcuts fulfill their function without going through any other app, that is: When you click on the icon, WhatsApp will open in the same way as always, without delay and without any change.

X Icon Changer

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Aster Play
  • To download: For Android on Google Play