How to customize everything you have in the Windows 10 start menu

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Brian Adam
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Windows 10 offers many ways to access applications and, depending on what we have been used to, this is how we customize all the shortcuts, folders, etc. It is possible to fill the entire desktop with icons, place them on the bottom bar Or, as many users do, go to the Windows button at the bottom left to start the word processor, the app store or whatever.

It is precisely there where the so-called “Start Menu” of Windows 10 is located, the place where all the apps we have on our computer are listed in alphabetical order, access to users, settings, images and documents, in addition to a huge surface on the right in which some square and rectangular modules appear that many of us do not know how to generate. Does Microsoft choose them? Are they changing on their own? Can we choose what appears and what does not?

Let’s change the face of that menu

The answer to the last question is yes. It is possible to adapt all that space so that only those things that are useful to us appear For the day to day. The apps we use the most, the weather or news widget, etc. So we are going to modify it by entering it and taking into account the main actions that we can carry out.

Move apps and shortcuts from the start menu.

The first one is to move elements. You simply have to click on the icon you want to move and drag it freely wherever you want. To one side, down, up or left and right, the idea is that you leave only what is useful to you. Likewise, it is possible to add other apps from the menu on the left, where they are organized alphabetically. If you want to pass Word, you simply click on it and, without releasing, drag to the right side.

Rename sections of the start menu.

By default this menu comes with a series of predefined sections: “Create”, “Entertain” or “Explore” are some of them but if they do not make sense for the organization you are looking for, it is possible to change it quickly by clicking on those words. A text box will open where you can write the new definition, as it appears on the screen that you have just above.

Precisely, we can create new sections by dragging an icon to the bottom of the menu. Once it is located in that new place, a text similar to the one we mentioned before will appear, where you can write that new category of apps that you have created. Needless to say, the “unpin” function of all these elements can be activated by right-clicking on them. This way you lighten the amount of elements in sight and do not suppose a nuisance every time you want to find a specific one.

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