How To Disable Animations In Windows 10 To Speed Up The PC

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Speed ​​up your computer’s performance by disabling animations and visuals in Windows 10.

With each Windows 10 update, the system becomes inflated with more and more resources. Although this may seem like an advantage, the truth is that it can be counterproductive for mid-range or low-end equipment. A good way to speed up system performance is to disable Windows 10 animations to take the load off the graphics card . The good news is that Microsoft allows us to do this without resorting to complex third-party methods or tools. This time we will show you how to remove Windows animations to speed up the PC in a simple way.


If we want to remove animations from the system completely, Microsoft makes it easier than ever through the accessibility options of Windows 10, which we can access from Settings on the cogwheel that is shown in the Start menu. Once inside the Accessibility section, we will navigate to the Simplify and customize Windows section , where we will find several options of interest.

disable animations windows 10 4

Depending on the version of Windows 10, the setting location may vary. If we have not activated Windows 10, it is most likely that we cannot configure these types of options.

To remove animations from Windows 10 we will only have to deactivate the Show animations in Windows box . We can also deactivate the Show transparencies box in Windows to further accelerate the performance of the computer. Of course, both options will disable all transparencies and animations. If we want to activate certain animations to improve the appearance of Windows 10 we will have to manually enable them one by one.


If we want to configure the execution of animations manually we will have to access the advanced configuration of the system, which we can access through the Control Panel, in the System and security and System section . Once inside, we will click on the Change configuration option, which we can see in the screenshot below.

After clicking on the previous option, Windows will enable a pop-up window with different sections. To change the settings of the animations we will have to go to Advanced options and finally to the Performance option.

disable animations windows 10 2

We can find the Advanced system configuration option in Control Panel / System and security / System / Change configuration, as can be seen in the upper screenshot.

Now the window will show us a list with dozens of options to configure. Once we activate the Customize box, the system will allow us to modify Windows 10 animations one by one: animations on the taskbar, animations of the windows when minimizing and maximizing …

disable animations windows 10 3

The menu also has a number of additional options that allow us to further customize the execution of animations and scrolling: animations of controls and elements within windows, smooth scrolling of list boxes, attenuation when sliding menus from the list, anti-aliasing for screen fonts … If the list is overwhelming, we can always activate the Adjust box to obtain the best performance , in such a way that Windows will disable all those animations and elements that imply a strong impact on the card graphics and processor.

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