How to discover and install awesome Android themes thanks to Reddit

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One of the differentiating aspects of Android versus iOS is the possibility of customization that we have. So much so that sometimes we could feel a bit overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

For this reason, today we are going to share a resource that can help us find inspiration if we are thinking of renewing the aesthetics of our terminal and we do not want to spend too much time testing setups that may not work.

And it is that simple things like making some adjustments in the launcher, changing the wallpaper, putting an icon pack and a few widgets can completely change the experience.

Reddit to the rescue

Reddit is one of the most used and loved platforms on the Internet, as we can find subreddits for almost any topic imaginable. In fact, there are quite a few Android-specific subreddits.

One of the best known is r / androidthemes which, as the name suggests, is specifically dedicated to sharing Android themes created by users. In addition to finding amazing proposals, the best point is that we can also find the resources that have been used, in case we want to place them on our device.

It is a subreddit that is constantly updated, and in the comments of each entry we can find a description in which the wallpaper, launcher settings, icon pack and widgets that have been used are usually shared.

Next we are going to leave some examples that demonstrate the originality of the proposals that we can find in this subreddit:

‘Orange’ by u / aftabooo

Image 26 8 20 10 00 Pasted
  • Wallpaper
  • Setup created using KWGT
  • Top widget
  • Widget in the middle
  • Bottom widget

‘Chroma’ by u / CrazyRexWaffle

Image 26 8 20 10 07 Glued
  • Launcher: Nova Launcher
  • Wallpaper
  • Jool: Jyphs Icon Pack
  • OC Widgets for KWGT
  • Source: Apercu

‘Walkman’ by u / GT-8000

Image 26 8 20 10 13 Pasted
  • Animation used
  • Archive for KWLP
  • Fonts: Century Gothic, Futura, Roboto and Sequel Sans

‘Salmon’ by u / Another_averge_joe

Image 26 8 20 10 17 Pasted
  • Wallpaper
  • Widget for KLWP
  • Ineclectic for icons

‘Casio’ by u / InspirationFailure

Image 26 8 20 10 19 Pasted
  • “Created 100% using KLWP” (file)

‘iPod’ by u / Zaxter877

Image 26 8 20 10 10 Pasted
  • Widget for KWGT
  • Circle created within KGWT: “create a white circle, put a small black circle in the center of that circle and place the icons”

‘Akai Tsuki’ by u / DiabloXXVII

Image 26 8 20 10 03 Glued
  • Wallpapers
  • Reev for icons
  • Source: Hkkaikk

How can we check, the options are many, very different and really amazing. I recommend taking a walk through this subreddit, perhaps ordering the entries according to the most recent or the most voted, and thus completely refresh the appearance of our smartphone.