How to download music from YouTube from an Android mobile

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How to download music from YouTube from an Android mobile

Do you want to have the YouTube music videos downloaded as music to mobile? We will discover the most practical, simple and safe ways to achieve it. From official apps to projects that offer a more complete experience than the native YouTube app.

Music streaming apps raided music playback on smartphones, but there is no more popular platform than YouTube to listen to music. Since artists upload their music videos there, accessing the lists to enjoy any song is common; even though there is a downside: music involves downloading the video data. But there is no reason, that you can always download only the audio. Let’s see how.

The Simple Way: YouTube Music

Download Audio Youtube

YouTube accumulates a huge music library, often thanks to videos that combine sound with image. AND all those videos can be turned into music thanks to the Google YouTube Music platform. Of course, for the download a subscription plan is required.

YouTube Music enables the audio download of most music videos: for this you have to check the ‘Song’ selector above. With Music it is possible to download lists, individual songs and also albums; later they can be listened to without spending mobile data since playback works without internet. Although yes, the songs can only be heard on YouTube Music.

Youtube music

  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Music and audio


Download Audio Youtube With NewPipe you can download the audio of any YouTube video

Google Play does not allow applications that download YouTube videos, so there is no choice but to install software in the form of APK. And NewPipe is one of the best choices as it is a secure, open source app, offers maximum privacy and provides a complete YouTube experience. You can also download the videos as music.

NewPipe is a YouTube client that enables the playback of any video in the background and with the screen off, two of its most popular functions. It also allows the download of the videos, both combining image and audio and just sound: Find the YouTube video you prefer, click on the download icon, choose ‘Audio only’ and select the quality. NewPipe will download the song to your mobile so that you can play it wherever you want.

You can download the latest version of NewPipe from the project’s official website. It is valid for Android 4.4 and higher.


Download Audio Youtube

In line with NewPipe, although less private and without being based on open source. It is an app that specifically serves as a music player, it also allows the download of audio, which is what we are looking for. Just click on the download icon for each video and choose the sound format to download: the song will be downloaded directly to the phone.

Music! asks for several permissions that we recommend denying: the access to the telephone and also the location. The app works perfectly without them. And you can download it from their website.

No apps

Download Audio Youtube

So far we have used applications, but there is no reason to use them: there are countless web pages that allow you to download YouTube audio. We opted for one very safe and without abusive advertising: Alltube Download. It works perfectly on mobile.

To download YouTube music you need to copy the link to the videos: access the app and share the video you want, then copy the link. Paste it in the Alltube Download text box, click on ‘Download’ and choose ‘M4a’. You can open this audio format without any problem in most music players.

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