How to download YouTube and Facebook videos on Android with Snaptube app

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If you have an Android mobile phone – an operating system developed by Google and which has a market share of over 90% worldwide – and you want to have all the music of your favorite artists on it, today we are going to recommend an application that allows you to Download videos YouTube with all the music you want or content of all kinds: tutorials, reviews, unboxing … all the videos you want to have, you will have them in the palm of your hand with Snaptubeapp.

In fact, not only will you be able to download all the content published on YouTube to your mobile device, but it is also a application to download videos from Facebook and from other video platforms on the Internet. It is very simple to use and you can have the content you want in a matter of seconds on your phone.

All you have to do is download snaptube on your Android device from the application’s website and install it as if it were any other application. It is also called Snappea for Android -for you have no doubts- and it is a totally free app and you will not have to suffer annoying advertisements, it is a totally safe app, so all are advantages.

Once this is done, to start using the YouTube to mp3 or video converter on your mobile device, or from any other video platform, you will not have to do anything complicated.

Access the application and you will see its menu, very easy and intuitive. You can access YouTube or any other social network with your username and password – don’t worry, it’s totally safe – so when you’re browsing these social networks from Snappea for Android, you’ll have the possibility to download the video directly.

Another option is to use the Snappea for Android search engine directly. There you can include the name of the video or song you want to download, or its URL (copying it from YouTube or from the service where it is hosted).

Capture mobile Snaptube

Once this is done, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, the different download options will appear. You can select in what quality you will download the song -in mp3 or m4a, for example- or also the different video formats in which you can enjoy your video. Select the one you want, hit the download button and… voila! In a matter of seconds you will have the content you want on your mobile phone, it’s that easy.

How to download videos from Facebook with Snappea for Android

As we said before, it is also possible to download videos from Facebook with Snappea for Android for free and very easily. So you can have them stored on your Android mobile phone or transfer them directly to another device from the phone, even share them with family and friends.

In order to download Facebook videos to your Android phone, you will have to first obtain the SnapTube APK file by visiting its official website. There, download it and follow the instructions for its installation. Once this is done, you will only have to run the application to start saving videos from Facebook.

Snappea for Android

When you start the application, the Facebook logo will appear on the home page, tap on it and access by logging in with your username and password -do not worry, it is totally safe- and you will only have to navigate to the Facebook video you want to download .

When you find it, you will now see that, under the video thumbnail, a download button now appears. You just have to start the download and the file will be saved in the “Downloads” folder of your mobile phone menu. As simple as that!


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