How to edit the cover of a playlist that you have created in Spotify

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It is curious to see how applications like Spotify, which have been behind them for more than ten years, they don’t seem to remember things and one fine day, for no apparent reason, wham, they change them, as the users had been demanding insistently. And it is that the management of the playlists has been one of the great failures of a platform that in recent times seems more focused on podcasts than anything else.

Those periodic distractions into which he seems to fall have made such elementary issues as editing the playlists have not changed their menus and practically nothing customization possibilities, leaving us the only possibility to define the name of the playlist itself. Everything else is taken by default and not always with the best results.

Changes are coming

That is why the recent leak of some small screens has shown that They are testing a new way of managing playlists with a small number of users. Not so much when creating them, which remains as it was, but rather at the moment in which they allow us to change their artwork, or choose, at least, the album art that is going to be seen by default.

Old playlist editing menu (i) versus the new one (d). Smart Life / AndroidPolice

As you can see by the comparison of captures that you have just above, on the left is what the current editing screen of a playlist in Spotify looks like, where it only lets you change the name and, at most, the order of the tracks that we have added , while on the right it is possible to observe all the changes that are being introduced in the platform, with a more than evident extension of its possibilities.

The main, that cover that it is possible to select and that can be the one that we like the most. Although for giving us a certain hype, it would be nice if we could design them ourselves to create a whole series of mixes (as they were done a few years ago) that put us in the orbit of all those user accounts that want to add them to their libraries. In that way, we could have special collections and who knows whether to gain relevance within the social part of the music streaming platform. Including our stage name, which we can also change.

As always with these new features, although they are present in the beta versions, they could still take a few weeks until reaching the official releases within the iOS or Android stores. So we will be attentive.

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