How to find the featured messages of each contact on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp on the screen of an iPhone.

WhatsApp has a function that is extremely useful and that many users do not use yet, and that has to do with the featured messages that we can mark so that they are stored within a specific section of the application that bears the same name. It is a way of saying that “this is important” and that, very surely, we will come back to it in the future.

These featured messages can include everything from a cooking recipe that a co-worker has sent us, to a phone number of an important service or, why not, those passwords that there is no way for our parents to remember. So if you are one of those who highlights many messages, we are going to give you a little trick to find any of them quickly.

Search within each chat

Featured messages have been on WhatsApp for a long time, within the settings menu (or settings, depending on iOS or Android), but It wasn’t until recently that Facebook thought it would be a good idea to also include it within each chat, to have a more precise search criteria than going to find something in a huge drawer full of messages from all the contacts and groups in which we participate.

So said and done. They took that function and spread it throughout the application, in such a way that it is present in all those conversations in which we highlight a message. Now, if you want to go find one, you just have to go to the chat of that contact, click on their name at the top and then look for the option “Featured messages”.

You touch there and you will see all the ones you store in chronological order, in such a way that it will be much easier to find what we want. Now, if you are not sure in which chat this text, image, voice note or video is, and you do not want to go through the entire history of highlighted messages, You can always use the search, which is also limited to the chat you are in. If you remember a word in that text, you just have to enter it in the option that appears just below.

As we tell you, It is a function that is not very well known but that gets us out of trouble when we need to check, for example, a Wi-Fi password of some of the houses we go to, or write down a phone number that we should call and that we want to have located in a chat with frenzied activity.