How to fix AirPods sound problems

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Perhaps if you are a user of both the AirPods and its Pro version, at some point you have suffered sound problems. The crackly audio or backfire are very annoying sound distortions, especially when we have spent € 279. In iOSMac we are going to show you how to fix sound problems on AirPods and AirPods Pro in a simple way before going to a technical service.

Why do these distortions occur? Basically because of the Bluetooth connectivity. If our connection is by cable, the sound passes through it until it reaches the headphones. Usually, if the cable is good, it is protected with metal meshes to prevent the waves flooding the air from interfering with the sound.

It is important to keep the AirPods clean to ensure proper operation

Obviously this does not happen with wireless connections. Although they are secure and reliable connections they can be damaged by other types of waves. In fact, the AirPod may have an echo effect or a rumbling buzz that may be the result of some kind of interference.

If so there are two solutions that can work. If the solutions we propose do not work We recommend that you contact the technical service to have your headphones checked.

The first thing to do is clean the AirPods. Sometimes a good and thorough cleaning of the headphones is enough to fix sound problems. Remember that it is advisable to remove and clean the pads as well.

And of course you should not use any type of liquid. Just use a soft, dry cloth to clean your AirPods. Read the following post to deepen its cleaning.

But if cleaning has not worked, something we must do even if our AirPods are heard well, then we will have to reconnect the headphones with the iPhone via Bluetooth to try to fix sound problems. To do this, simply follow the following steps.

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