How to fix Apple Watch battery problems with watchOS 7

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It is normal to always be the first to test how things are with the new operating systems and that is why, when Apple publishes one for our watch, we rush to download it as soon as possible. The problem is that many times, those first releases usually come with the odd little problem, at least when it comes to performance, or battery usage.

And that has precisely happened with watchOS 7, which was released on the same day as iOS 14 in the middle of last September, and which has landed with some major problems. One of them has to do with Draining the battery too quickly, which drastically reduces the autonomy of the smartwatch, or with certain errors when using the device’s GPS. These are not serious problems, but they can take a few seconds out of combat.

How to fix those problems

Another of the problems detected, which supposedly should have closed it with the latest update of watchOS 7.0.1, is that of the bank cards registered in Apple Pay, which appear as “not available”, so the user cannot use them to pay at a contactless terminal. With the inconvenience that this causes when we are aware that the watch lets us pay for what we just bought, drink or eat.

WatchOS 7 features.

Be that as it may, it has been Apple that has come out in its forums to tell users a possible remedy to all these bugs, while an update arrives that mends everything, but we already announced that the process goes through a complete erasure of the clock to restore it as we have it right now. It is not that it is an impossible process, but it is going to keep us entertained for a while. So we are going to tell you what it is.

The first thing you should do is uA backup of both iPhone and Apple Watch. Then you unpair the clock from your smartphone and reset the two terminals completely, that is, complete deletion including network and storage settings. Now we restore the mobile first, replacing the backup that we have saved and then doing the same with the Apple Watch after pairing it again.

Although the above is the mode offered by Apple, We recommend something simpler, and that is to carry out the deletion process only on the watch: you make a backup copy of the Watch, then unlink it, later erase it completely and redo everything above to leave it as it was … without battery, GPS, etc. errors.