How to fix your mobile coverage problems using Wi-Fi

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If you are one of those who has no problems making or receiving calls from your mobile at home, congratulations, because that means that the coverage reaches you without problems and that whatever you need from your smartphone you can ask for it without problems. Now if that’s not your case, it is very possible that you are one of those who have already located a tiny corner of the house where you can call without moving too much, lest you lose the only line that reaches you from connection.

If you are one of the latter and your house seems the “Mordor of communications”, you should know that You have an alternative to gain coverage with your mobile phone thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, who can give you a hand in those moments when the landline is busy and, yes or yes, you need to use your mobile to talk to the boss or anyone else.

Wi-Fi is our hope

For many years there has been something known as VoIP, and that comes to mean something like voice over IP, that is, voice over the internet. Although the operators’ poles offer another type of connection, in recent times these companies have taken pains to allow their clients that, when the coverage does not arrive for the good ones, they turn to the internet for the bad ones to get an effect similar to having all the lines of the 4G indicator on top.

Wi-Fi calls on iOS.

To have access to these VoIP options, the operator must have developed the connection profiles for our operating system, iOS or Android, and allow us to connect. Generally, it is not a paid service, so we recommend that you ask them beforehand in what conditions they offer it. In the event that you decide to use it, if you have an iPhone, you just have to repeat the same process that we show you above: go to “Settings”, later to “Mobile data” and finally activate the option “Calls over Wi-Fi”.

Wi-Fi calls on Android.

If your smartphone is an Android, the process is similar, although the menus will change depending on the manufacturer. In our case, in which we have a Samsung mobile, the way to get to that function is a tad simpler since only We must go to the “Settings”, later to the “Connections” and, finally, activate the “Wi-Fi Calls”.

Wi-Fi calls activated indicator.

You will know that everything is working without problems when when you lose coverage you see a reference to the type of connection you are using after the operator’s name: “WIFI” or “VoIP”.

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