How to hide your recent activity in Windows 10 so nobody can gossip about it

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Brian Adam
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Companies that develop operating systems are always waiting to see what functions they can add so that it costs us less time to start repetitive tasks that we carry out daily. AND They are appreciated because once we get used to it and know where to go to look for this recent activity, it is very easy to start writing a text, editing an image or whatever.

The problem comes from the privacy part, which there are times when this recent activity can give away that we have been a little dispersed in the last hours, doing something that we should not in the office, or at home or wherever. So it’s time to tell Windows 10 not to be so nosy, not to expose us and to hide all that information that could leave us in a very bad place.

If you are users who have been using the Microsoft OS since the 90s, with those great versions that were Windows 95 or Windows XP, surely You are not afraid to face the icon of your hard drive to go and find an application, a tool, etc. in the correct location., so we are going to disconnect the function that controls that all this activity disappears and there is no trace left in view of anyone.

Hide all your recent activity

To get a little more calm we are going to go to the “Settings” of Windows 10, which you have available through the Start menu, just above the OS logo, by clicking on the cogwheel icon. An image with many functions will appear, but we are left with the “Personalization” image:

Turn off recent Windows 10 activity.

It is in this menu where we can customize the colors, themes and other graphic elements of the Windows 10 desktop, but also what we will or will not allow to see in the start menu, lists, etc. So we go to the left side column and select “Start”, which is the area of ​​the operating system where we will block all that recent activity.

Access the start menu in the settings.

Once we click there, you will see a screen with many options. You can take advantage of it to customize others that you want to remove, or put, such as the most used applications, or open a gap so that they appear more at a glance. We, anyway, we are going to focus on the one that we point out on the screen that you have just below, the “Show recent open items from the lists of …”.

Turn off recent activity in Windows 10 menus.

You just have to touch the switch that we indicate and all those references to the last thing we have used will disappear and what we have done, which will finally cease to be visible in the main Windows 10 menus.

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