How to install the AppGallery on non-Huawei mobiles in order to download their applications

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How to install the AppGallery on non-Huawei mobiles in order to download their applications

Huawei mobiles may not be able to install the Google Play store, at least more or less easily, but the opposite happens in reverse: other Android mobiles can download and install AppGallery. And it is an extremely simple process that opens the door to most of Huawei applications.

Huawei does not have it exactly easy with the hardware of its mobiles, not even in the field of software. The American veto is wreaking havoc on the company no matter how much it has managed to renew all its ranges of phones, including the most recent Huawei Mate 40. Due to pressure, Huawei decided to enhance its mobile services, store and applications, all around the AppGallery. And the best thing is that it is not exclusive to Huawei phones since it can be installed on most Android.

Install AppGallery from a simple APK

Appgallery No Huawei Phones The AppGallery on a Google Pixel 4a

We might think that, being a store owned by a phone brand, AppGallery would also be exclusive to these devices. Nothing is further from the truth: Huawei has evolved its platform so that is compatible with the vast majority of Android phones and tablets. This is possible thanks to the fact that Huawei’s services, the so-called HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), make up a ‘framework’ that works without the need for a specific system layer.

Huawei AppGallery can be installed on the vast majority of Android phones, as we said. We have successfully tested it on a Google Pixel 4a, a OnePlus Nord and even a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The latter possesses the curiosity of now have the Google Play Store, the Galaxy Store and the AppGallery working. It will be through application stores.

The process to install the AppGallery store on non-Huawei mobiles is very simple and is guided by the AppGallery itself:

  • Download the APK of the store from the official Huawei website.
  • Install the AppGallery, start it and accept the permissions.
Appgallery No Huawei Phones
  • The store will tell you that you have to update it. Access: you must give AppGallery permission to install APKs, it is essential to download your applications.
  • Once you update AppGallery, it will tell you to install the HMS Core, necessary for the store to work. It will send you to Google Play.
Appgallery No Huawei Phones
  • When you install the HMS Core you will have to update them, they will surely give you an error and forced closure. Updating to the latest version fixes it: go to the icon at the bottom right labeled ‘Me’, check the pending updates and download and install HMS Core.
  • Once you have the AppGallery and the updated HMS Core, everything will be ready for you to download and install all the apps that the Huawei store has.

The process of installing and updating all the modules dependent on the AppGallery is guided, so just install the original Huawei APK so that everything else is rolled. Then you have your entire store at your fingertips: you can download the applications and take advantage of everything Huawei offers, including its own apps.

Appgallery No Huawei Phones All three stores coexist seamlessly on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

You do not need to register with a Huawei account to install the applications from the store, although it is recommended if you want to keep a record of everything you use, especially if you use several mobiles.

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