How to know if you have been silenced on WhatsApp

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If you haven’t talked to any of your WhatsApp contacts in a while, it may have silenced you. Do you want to discover it?

How to know if you have been silenced on WhatsApp
How to know if you have been silenced on WhatsApp

WhatsApp it helps you stay connected at any time, in a matter of moments you can send your friend’s various photos, audios, files or texts; But, has it happened to you that one of your contacts receives messages but never reads them? One of the reasons could be that it has you silenced in WhatsApp. Here we share a simple trick to discover it.


Also, remember that if you have a Friend Kit, you can enjoy WhatsApp and all your favourite social networks.

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Silencing is not the same as blocking

By blocking a contact from WhatsApp privacy settings, our profile picture and status updates are no longer visible to that person; your messages will not reach us and only a popcorn will appear.

Silencing someone is only avoiding notifications of messages from a specific contact for a certain time (8 hours, 1 week or up to 1 year). In addition, that person can continue to see our states and profile image and his messages seem to him with two grey popcorn.

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So detecting if someone has blocked you is very easy as opposed to knowing if someone has silenced you; It could also be because they just couldn’t read your message.

But if you really suspect that you were silenced, read on to find out how to confirm it.

How to know if you have been silenced on WhatsApp

The trick is not about special settings or downloading an app, but rather a simple strategy. If you have the possibility of being close to the person that you think silenced you on WhatsApp, send them a message and you will notice if the notification arrives; if not, you will know it was true.

There is a solution!

If you want to communicate urgently with that person you can write to him through a group in common; you just have to send him a message with the “@” and then his contact name just as you have it stored on your cell phone.

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So you can easily confirm your suspicions and maybe even discover if you were silenced by mistake or simply that person has not had time to review all your messages.

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Consider that WhatsApp is an app to keep in touch with your friends and have fun together; so you and all users are free to use the privacy options they want.

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