How to know if your Facebook account is among the hacked

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The personal data of 533 million Facebook users have been exposed: telephone numbers, dates of birth, names and surnames, emails and postal addresses.

The chances that your Facebook account has been hacked is 20%

The company assures that the error was fixed in 2019 and that the information was obtained before that date, but the truth is that the data from users from 106 countries were on view for free on an internet forum. That same information was already available last January on Telegram through a bot.

The social network, despite having solved the problem quickly, is not making things easy for users to know if their account has been hacked. Of course, if you want to check if your profile was one of the exposed you can enter the web, which will let you know in a very simple way.

Web HaveIBeenPwned

Simply enter the page and enter your email address to find out if your email has been one of those stolen. However, the method has its flaws. And is that of the 533 million stolen Facebook accounts, only 2.5 million included the email address among the stolen information.

This implies that you have less than 0.5% chance of knowing through that website if your data has been stolen, despite the fact that the chances that you have been hacked are close to 20% if you have a Facebook account.

Troy Hunt, the cybersecurity expert who has created HaveIBeenPwned, explained that he is applying the same process using the phone numbers:

“The main value of the data is the association between phone numbers and people’s identity; While all the data includes the phone number, only 2.5 million of them contain the email address, ”Hunt explained.

Although the stolen data is from 2019, it could still be useful for hackers to steal the identity of Facebook users.


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