How to know which passwords your Google Chrome browser has saved

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When we enter a web page through the Google Chrome browser, we can (or are required to) enter a password, and the browser itself will suggest that you save the credentials so that you do not need to enter them manually the next time.

All these passwords are stored in our Google account so that we can access the website on a mobile device or PC through a browser. We will show you where you can see that your password that you have stored in Chrome is a simple and fast process, during the process, in addition to checking the password, we can also delete it from the browser.

How to access your passwords in Google Chrome from PC?

Google Chrome – Password manager: Step 1 Google Chrom

To access our password in the Google Chrome browser, you must click on the circular icon that points to our user account. In the “Manage your Google account” section, we will see the “Password” option.

Google Chrome – Password manager: Step 2 Google Chrome

After completing these steps, we will see a list of saved passwords and usernames or emails used on different websites. In this menu, we can choose to show the password by clicking on the “eye” icon, or remove the password so that Google Chrome does not remember the password. This action will remove your browser password, but you can enter it at another time and save it again.

Google Chrome – Password manager: Step 3 Google Chrome

The Google password manager allows us to edit the credentials, to update them manually

If we want to access the list of passwords faster, simply visit Google’s password manager. This is a one-click way to access our full list of credentials, you can check their types, delete them or even edit them. In this case, we just need to click on the website to see the password options (there is no menu button here). After doing this, we will see the options above.

If we want to change the password, we must bear in mind that the password must be the same as the one we enter on the website. This option is useful when, for some reason, we do not automatically save the new password and cannot access the website because Chrome keeps entering the old password. If this happens, we just need to edit with the new password, and it will automatically become the password entered when logging in.