How to listen to Apple podcasts on your smart speaker with Alexa

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We all know how allergic Apple is to its applications and services being used beyond its borders, on its smartphones or tablets, so it becomes very difficult to have third-party devices that are not from the Cupertino brand. Although, luckily for everyone, In recent years the entire ecosystem of the apple has experienced its particular Perestroika in many aspects.

And one of them is the one of the platforms of music, movies and, now the podcasts, that have traveled beyond the borders of iOS to place themselves next to Android or, as in this case, of virtual assistants like Alexa, of Amazon. The point is that Since a few days, it is possible to listen to podcasts through a skill that makes it easier for us to ask our smart speaker to put the last chapter of this or that program that we follow.

Let’s configure the skill

It will not be necessary to remember that those services that we can add to the Amazon assistant are called skills and that thanks to them we are having new functions to ask for and for which we only have to add the tagline of the program in which we want it to the voice command hear. In this case it will be “… on Apple podcasts”. As well, we are going to start the service activation process. And the first thing is to go to the App Store and download the official Alexa app.

Setting up Apple podcasts in Alexa.

Once we have it, we enter it and click in the lower right, on “More”, where the three horizontal lines, and we display a menu on the left. Now we touch on “Skills and games”. In that new screen are all available on the platform but we touch the search magnifying glass, and we wrote “Apple podcasts.” As a result, the new skill of the assistant will appear in first position, so we touch on it and tell it to install it.

Once the process has completed, we need to log in with our Apple ID. If you are carrying out this process from an iPhone or an iPad, things will become easy because the device will automatically detect the account and, either through Face ID, or through Touch ID, you will have everything already configured in just a few seconds. From now on, you can ask Alexa to put any of the episodes that you usually follow and that are downloaded every morning thanks to subscriptions.