How to make a video with the effect of “eyes and big mouth” on TikTok

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You have surely seen hundreds of videos on TikTok lately in which the “eyes and big mouth” of a famous person or any person are placed on an object or another person while they repeat a popular phrase or comment that they have said.

This effect in TikTok allows the user to place their eyes and mouth on a photograph and simulate that it speaks, sings or says a viral phrase from the social network

The eyes and mouth stick out, exaggerating the dimensions of a normal face, and it makes for some really fun content that usually works well on TikTok if done gracefully. If you also want to create videos of this type and surprise your friends and followers with this fun effect, we are going to tell you how to do it step by step:

-Open TikTok and log in to your account and press the button to start recording a video represented by the plus button «+» located in the middle of the screen, at the bottom

Create new TikTok video

-One side of the big red button to start recording are the «Effects», enter that option

TikTok effects button

-Within the large number of options that are in effects within TikTok, locate the tab called “Funny” by scrolling the options with your finger. In this, select the effect represented with a purple background and a rectangle with eyes and a mouth with an arrow at the top, as shown in this image:

Funny social media effects

-Once this effect is selected, the camera must point to the user’s face so that the system takes their eyes and mouth that will be part of the effect. Some default TikTok backgrounds are automatically displayed but the user’s gallery list also opens to locate a personal photo.

ByteDance simulate gesture effect

-After selecting the photo and placing the eyes and mouth on it, it is a matter of finding the perfect audio by entering the “sound effect” options. If you are looking for the dialogue of a known character, then you will achieve the desired effect. Also, you can express your own words which will sound very funny with the effect.


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