How to make TikTok videos with photos from your gallery

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TikTok is the fashion application and its videos have become the daily life of the youngest but also of a wide audience that is encouraged by the challenges, duos or dances of the application.

Beyond dancing videos or original creations on TikTok, you can do a TikTok video with photos that you have in the gallery of the mobile phone.

You can take advantage of the effects or music that the application has by default and you can add different images as if it were a video with a slide, you can add transitions, effects, filters, stickers. It is very simple and will allow you to put transitions, voice effects, music, video effects, filters. There are two options that you can follow if you want to make TikTok with photos and upload it for your followers: following the options that the default application allows and creating the video and uploading it already created to add effects, filters or music to it. We explain both and you can choose which one convinces you the most.

Create a video with photos

You can select a total of 35 photos from your gallery to make a TikTok with photos. In addition, you can mix if you want to upload photos and also videos in your project. To do this, you will have to follow some very simple steps:

  • Open your Tiktok application on the mobile phone
  • Click on the “+” from the bottom, right in the centre
  • You will see the camera screen to record in the app
  • In the lower right corner, click on the small button “Upload”
  • Here you will see your gallery with all your photos and videos
  • Once you have it, click on “Sequence” to continue with your video
  • The application will automatically join them into a video with slides
  • You can add the music you want
  • You can choose between all the filters available in the application
  • You can choose the format of transitions: horizontal or vertical
  • Once you have it, click on “Next” to follow


When you have followed the steps above, you will go to the Publish screen. You can choose the cover you want the video to have when you upload it. You can also add all kinds of hashtags or tags, mentions … Once you have followed all the steps, you can post the video to your profile as you usually do. You can also check the “Save to device” button if you want it to be stored in the gallery of your mobile phone to use it in other applications, to send it by WhatsApp to someone or simply to save it when you need it.

Videos with more than 35 photos

If you want to upload videos with photos to TikTok but want to use more than the 35 offered by the default application, you can do so. You can use third-party tools to help you create a video with slides and once you have it, upload it to the TikTok by following the steps above and selecting it. The downside of this method is that you will not be able to use TikTok transitions.

In case you want to follow this method, you will simply have to create your video with specialized applications such as VivaVideo or Quik. When you have it, save it in the gallery of your phone and follow these steps:

  • Open TikTok on your mobile phone
  • Go to “+” to create a new video
  • Click the “Upload” button in the lower right corner
  • Your phone gallery will open, with all your photos and videos
  • Choose the video you just created with the slides
  • Cut it out in case you want to do without a piece
  • You can choose the playback speed (0.5x, 1x, 2x)
  • Click on “Next” when you have cut it as you wish
  • You will have to wait a few seconds for it to process completely
  • Add the sounds you want available on TikTok
  • Choose the effects of the application and apply them to your liking
  • Add text, stickers, choose a voice overlay …
  • Click on “Next”
  • Choose the title, hashtags or mentions
  • Post-it like you usually do

TikTok with photos