How to make your Facebook account totally private

facebook seguridad.jpg
facebook seguridad.jpg
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Facebook is the social network with the most users in the world, but it is also one of the one that has the most problems with privacy and attacks. In this sense, it has recently suffered an attack in which the data of 533 million users have been stolen.

Improving the privacy and security of the Facebook account is possible by configuring who can find the account and who can see the posts

This recent attack has made users once again worry about their privacy, looking for ways to make their profile as secure and private as possible. In this sense, the platform offers several options to control what is published. However, it must be borne in mind that Facebook uses the data of its users to earn money, so that privacy will never be complete, so those who want to continue using the platform should accept certain exposure. Be that as it may, we are going to explain how to make your profile more private in this article.

How to improve security and privacy on Facebook

To access the security and privacy options of Facebook, you must access the configuration section. To do this, press the inverted arrow that appears in the upper right corner of the screen and select the “Settings and privacy” option, as can be seen in the following image:

Facebook privacy settings

In this section you will find everything related to the security and privacy of Facebook.

First of all, from the “Security and login” section you can access the security check, where Facebook recommends users a secure password, as well as the activation of two-step authentication, something very important to reinforce account security.

In this section it is also possible to see on which devices Facebook is active at that moment, as well as the possibility of closing all sessions and preventing it from starting on more than one device. On the other hand, from this section you can activate notifications for unrecognized starts, as well as activate advanced security options such as sending notifications by encrypted email, recovering external accounts or viewing recent Facebook emails.

On the other hand, in the “Privacy” section it is possible to configure who can see the account’s publications. In this sense, it is possible to choose between: public; friends; friends, except; concrete friends or personalized.

Facebook privacy section

From this section you can also restrict tagging, selecting who can tag you in their publications and who cannot. Additionally, you can limit the audience for posts, as well as limit who can find the account and contact the owner.

Finally, from the “Your information on Facebook” section, it is possible to access all the information available on the platform, as well as download or transfer a copy, consult the activity log or deactivate and permanently delete the account.

Facebook personal information