How to move all the apps on a screen to a folder at once on your iPhone

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It is, almost certainly, one of those processes that we carry out a couple of times a day if you are one of those who regularly visits the app store and likes to download a test or two to see how they work. Is about the placement of those apps that invade everything and that we like to carry well organized on our iPhone, so that those that are for one thing are not mixed with those that have to do with a radically different theme.

In any case, we are going to get worse so imagine that, for whatever reason, you want to move all the apps on the screen to a single folder, to have them closer at hand in a place closer to the first one where you find the most important. Well, if you think that you will have to repeat 16 or more times the process of taking one by one to the destination location, you are wrong, because iOS has a curious system that will save you work and, above all, time.

Move and save to folder

This trick that we are going to tell you It is so simple that the only thing that will cost you work is to select all the apps on the screen at the same time because otherwise, it is as simple (and often unknown) as almost everything in the Apple OS. The first thing is to go to that place crowded with applications that you want to take to another site and select the first one. When those “Xs” appear in the upper left part of the apps, press and hold any of them, and then you play with the other hand, one by one, in the others that you want to move.

Select, in a single step, all the apps on the screen.

As you can see from the screen that you have just above (on the right), those selected apps will acquire a stack aspect where they are all grouped, so it’s time to take them to the destination folder. Say that this method works both if the folder is already created, or if you want to generate one with that old iOS method that consists of dragging one app (in this case 16) over another.

Move all selected apps to a folder.

The thing is that when you already have all that stack of applications inside the folder where you want to save them from now on, you will only have to release them to reorganize within the new space. Say that the placement will be just the opposite of how you have selected them. That is, the last will be the first and the first the last, as you can see from the captures that we leave you above.

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