How to never miss a space launch again

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Brian Adam
Professional Blogger, V logger, traveler and explorer of new horizons.
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SpaceX, Rocket Lab, ULA … there are several space agencies that offer real spectacles every time they launch a rocket into space, so many, and so frequently, that it is easy to miss some of these launches.

There are some that always appear in the specialized press, such as the latest from SpaceX, since being a test phase of their new spacecraft, it is exciting to see if it will manage to land vertically as expected, but others go more unnoticed.

Now there is an app, at the moment only for iOS, that helps us to always be up to date on this issue, with notifications and live videos so as not to lose any details.

This is T-minus, one of the best and most complete space launch tracking applications that provides access to information related to space, launches, events, news and more.

We can see the past and future launches of SpaceX, ULA, RocketLab and others, always with high definition videos and live broadcasts directly within the application. There are push notifications, and we can use a widget to see the next release right on the iPhone home screen.

To give it more excitement, we will have a countdown for each launch, and if we are interested in one in particular, we can use a new mission control that provides quick access to Starship, rockets, programs and a map of the world. It also provides details on rockets, agencies, payloads, cores, launch pads and more, with more than 800 mission patches that we can exchange to register our interest.

It is possible to browse through high definition images and infographics from each launch, with the option to save them in our photos and share them with friends.

News sources include: SpaceX, NASA, European Space Agency, ElonX, Teslarati, Space.com, and others.

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