How to pixelate a photo in WhatsApp without leaving the app

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Pixelating a photograph, allowing you to protect part of an image that you want to send through WhatsApp, is something that can be done easily from the same instant messaging application, although at the moment only users of the iOS version can access it of the app.

WhatsApp allows you to pixelate a photo before sending it

The simple photo editing tool included in the WhatsApp app itself allows you to correct or modify some parameters of the image you want to send, and one of them allows something that is sometimes achieved by using editing applications or external tools, editing the image before sending. Once this simple WhatsApp trick is known, the procedure will be much easier.

In essence it is about increase the pixels of an area determined of the photograph, and it is one more tool of the image editing mode, accessible in WhatsApp through the icon in the form of a pencil that appears in the upper left part of the screen. But to get there it can be accessed from two ways: Camera (if a photograph is to be taken) or Photos and Video (to send an image that is already on the reel).

Once the photograph has been selected, click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This activates a bar on the right side of the screen that shows a range of colors, corresponding to the color that the stroke made on the image would have. Almost at the end there a box where small pixels appear and it is precisely this that must be selected. In doing so, that will be the “ink” with which you can “draw” on the image, with the result of pixelating the desired section.

Pixelated with WhatsApp

When finished, just save the photograph and share it, with the result of having pixelated the area we want to protect. This can be the face of a minor or of a person whose identity you want to keep safe, but it can also be used to hide portions of text with information that you want to safeguard in documents or, for example, the license plate of a vehicle. Of course, this pixelization may be reversible with a tool like Pulse, capable of reconstructing these images using artificial intelligence.

All this, in addition, with the comfort of being able to do it easily and from the WhatsApp app itself, without having to resort to other external tools.


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