How to put the Android interface on your iPhone

iphone android.jpg
iphone android.jpg
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If you have an iPhone and you start to get bored with it, Samsung has just launched a tool with which you can convert your device into an iPhone. In its race to take customers away from Apple, the Korean company has created the iTest website so that iPhone users can access an Android usage simulation.

An app allows iPhone users to simulate the Android interface

To do this, you have to access the web, where you must scan the QR code with your iPhone’s camera. When you do this, the web app will be installed on your iPhone and, when you enter it, your mobile will have the Android interface. Samsung admits that this application is not “capable of replicating all functions” of one of their phones, and that it is a way to show iPhone users how its interface works.

Itest Android simulator

Samsung’s own actions that this application allows to do include browsing the Galaxy Store or exploring the possibilities of the Samsung Camera app. A curious detail is that, when accessing the Galaxy Store, the image that will appear will be that of Fortnite, the video game that Apple removed from its App Store.

However, and although the general impression of browsing Android is very successful, there are certain areas and activities that are prohibited in iTest. Many apps do not allow more than a brief glance at their main screen, and many others have technical limitations.

If, for example, you try to access the “Popular Apps” folder, you will see a message saying “Don’t worry, all the apps you like are available. Because, let’s face it, most of them are Google products and we are good friends of theirs. ”

This experiment was first announced in New Zealand, although access to the website is open from all over the world. Samsung launches this website in response to Apple’s announcement that thanks to its launch of iPhone12 devices, a large number of users were switching from Android to iPhone. The battle is served.