How to Quickly Share Summer Photos with Family and Friends

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It’s something we do every day when we meet friends or family and take a group photo: “Hey, pass it on now so we can all have it”, and then we decided to send it through WhatsApp. In theory that should help us but Unfortunately, in that simple action of sending the photo through the messaging app, a lot is lost by the way. Specifically, all the quality of the original image (or video), which will be cut off for the remains.

If you are jealous of always keeping the best memories, it makes no sense to have a great camera on our phone so that later all those photos and videos are blurred and with hardly any details because we have sent them to all friends and family on WhatsApp. An application that, to optimize the data it consumes, sets limits by resampling the quality of all that we send and receive. So we are going to stop messaging apps and we are going to share everything with the quality it deserves.

Google Photos, a great ally

The fact is that if all friends and family have Google Photos we will have gained a lot when it comes to sharing the photos and videos that we take daily. So it’s time to share the memories of the summer that now ends through that app, taking advantage of the tools it puts in our hands. And one of them is create a link that redirects all who receive it to a small selection of photos and videos that they can later, either downloadeither add to your personal Google cloud photo library.

How to export photos and videos in Google Photos.

To share only specific images or videos, we have to select them within Google Photos. Later click on the share icon and finally get to the “Create link” option. You will see that the app thinks for a few seconds and, once the task is finished, it will inform us that this URL has been copied to the clipboard. Now we go to WhatsApp, for example, and paste that link in the chat to send it to all members of the group.

When they click on that link, they will go to a web page where they will be able to add that content to their respective clouds without losing a single pixel of quality in photos or videos. That for something you are recording them with 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second. Not?